Giles Stokoe

180 Seconds of Forever

Non-rectangular installations with sound, exploring Evolutionary Aesthetics, Soundscape Ecology and how we experience the changing world in which we live.

2019 – Present


Large combination images exploring the differences between how we appreciate a vista and how we examine elements within the vista over a period of time.

2005 – Present

Prehistoric Landscapes

Taken with a hand-held lens and pinhole and combined with modern lens imagery, these images explore the landscape of Pevensey and the Cuckmere Valley; geography that would still be familiar to our primitive ancestors, overlaid with the transient features of the Anthropocene.

The project was conceived as I walked along the Seven Sisters path with my father and contemplated our transience in the almost unchanged landscape. The advent of Covid 19 shortly afterwards made the project all the more poignant.

2019 – Present