Giles Stokoe

After a decade working as an editorial photographer for books and magazines, which partially coincided with a decade running photographic tours and workshops around the world, Giles was looking for a change of direction and the time to pursue creative personal projects. Now, teaching photography and getting his master’s degree in 2023, Giles is immersed in this creative phase of his photographic career.

Giles’ colour commercial photography and reportage appeared in numerous travel magazines and guidebooks, and he was commissioned to take analogue black and white photographs for books such as The London Cafe Book 1 and 2, Taxi! and the Rough Guide to London Restaurants.

Giles’ current projects explore the relationship people have with the landscapes they find themselves in. Having spent many hours on location – alone or with photographic clients – waiting for light to come or go, waiting for things to happen or stop happening – Giles is intrigued by how people respond to some landscapes and not to others, the phenomenology of photography and the limitations of traditional landscape photography in representing the experiential process.

Recently, Environmental Aesthetics and Soundscape Ecology have informed Giles’ approach to reconciling the differences between the ideal landscapes of our mind’s eye and the reality of many landscapes in the Anthropocene era.


2023 Grand Parade, Brighton Disclosive
2023 St Andrew’s Mews, Hastings Exhi>>bition
2022 Station Plaza, Hastings
2020 Zuzushii Gallery, Hastings We Baked All Our Own Bread
2019 Station Plaza, Hastings